Selected Online Publications

America” in Harper’s

Now What” at the Academy of American Poets

The Master’s House” and “The End of Exile” at Poetry Magazine

Beauty” at the Freeman’s Channel at Literary Hub

Deception Story” and “Persistence of Vision: Televised Confession” at the Academy of American Poets

“[Persian Letters]” and “Lanat Abad/The Place of the Damned” at Poetry Magazine

Social Skills Training” at BuzzFeed Reader

Civilization Spurns the Leopard” and “Force Visibility” at Granta

Exile Elegy” at Lit Hub

Desired Appreciation” at Kenyon Review

Vulnerability Study” at Poetry Magazine

Perception Management: An Abridged List of Operations” at The New Republic

Look at PEN America

Safe House” at Boston Review

lay” at DIAGRAM

Reaching Guantanamo” at  Paper Bag

Suitcases” and “Theater” at PBS’s Tehran Bureau

Special Events for Homeland Security” and “dear Intelligence Journal” at Sink Review

Drone” at Witness


Selected Audio

The End of Exile,” Poetry Magazine Podcase

Persistence of Vision with Gwendolyn Brooks” at PoetryNow


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